Connect Us is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to instill the skills in preschool and elementary-age children that are necessary to becoming socially competent, self-confident and resilient individuals throughout their lives.


Using the Social Competence Inclusive Play (SCIP) Model, Connect Us:

  • Builds social competence in children who are susceptible to being bullied or becoming a bully
  • Improves elementary school recess environments
  • Provides programs that advance community education and awareness

The Latest News

Profile of Socially At-Risk Kids

Socially at-risk kids share common characteristics from an early age, which tend to become apparent around kindergarten – when kids are really starting to be put into social situations with peers. Characteristics of socially-at risk kids tend to fall under the umbrella of social awkwardness, and include qualities such as being shy, quirky, different, unathletic, […]

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Offering social programs for children and coaching and consulting services for families and schools.
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