The cycle of bullying is a developmental process; it begins with what we are teaching and modeling at home. For many kids,  disrespectful behaviors tolerated at home are likely to be perpetuated at school.  Therefore, the foundation for potential bullying is  set very early in childhood.  Kindergartners are still developmentally incapable of premeditating bullying/bully with […]

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Socially at-risk kids share common characteristics from an early age, which tend to become apparent around kindergarten – when kids are really starting to be put into social situations with peers. Characteristics of socially-at risk kids tend to fall under the umbrella of social awkwardness, and include qualities such as being shy, quirky, different, unathletic, […]

For over ten years, Nathaniel Kendrick, a retired man from Dallas, Texas, has been a volunteer crosswalk guard for Lakewood Elementary School. He dedicates himself to ensuring the safety of these kids for hours at a time, twice a day during the week. To the kids, he is known as “Mr. Kent,” and they adore […]

In celebration of the end of a year, we look back at a beginning. Seven years ago, the idea behind Connect Us began to take shape: my son, Alec, was finishing his first year of public school kindergarten, and he was unhappy, withdrawn, and friendless. It was devastating to watch him walk the perimeter of […]

Thirteen million children in the United States are bullied every year, and it’s a growing epidemic. The rising frequency of media reports, movies, and statistics promote a sense of helplessness. It all aids the spread of the notion that nothing can be done to stop the problem – that nothing can be done to halt […]

“My legs. Where’d they go? Where’d they go? Please help me!” Kayla Montgomery, one of the best long distance runners in the country, cries out, overwhelmed by pain after every race. Kayla has Multiple Sclerosis, a disease in which the body’s immune cells attack the Central Nervous system, disrupting signals between the brain and spinal […]

Lee Karchawar and his fellow Layaway Angels approach the layaway counter at a Kmart in the Bronx. “We’re here to surprise you today by paying off the remaining balances on your layaway!” he announces. Karchawar is the founder of a nonprofit called Pay Away The Layaway. He grew up in a middle-class home in upstate […]

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Winter Session 2014: Recap of Winter Olympics Week In This Issue Recap Winter Olympics Quick Links Visit Our Website!  Support Connect Us   Dear Families, ***Reminder no groups TODAY at Cottonwood Creek!      ——————————————————————————– WINTER OLYMPICS WEEK-Feb 11th and 12th Our groups got to experience the Winter Olympics themselves this week!  Groups rotated through […]