If you are a parent, particularly the parent of a child who is struggling in some way, you’re probably doing everything you can to give your child every last ounce of your effort, attention, and energy. We want to tell you that you are amazing for everything you do! …  And we want to tell you […]

This week, Connect Us held a workshop called “The Social Diet,” presented by relationship specialist, Dr. Stacy Goresko. The four-hour seminar covered a broad range of topics pertaining to children with social deficits.  Often, these children have difficulty managing behaviors.  One of many take-away messages  was a set of strategies for handling children in a […]

For the past few months, we’ve been testing out a new program at a middle school.  Since our programs are normally targeted at kids in preschool-5th grade, this was experimental.  After weeks of strengthening their bonds through fun, collaborative group activities, we sat our 6th-8th graders down and just… talked. We asked them for their […]

Surprisingly, many teachers withhold their opinions about students from the parents. While academic grades speak for themselves, how do we get an evaluation of our kid’s character? Don’t parents want to know how their kids act in class? How they treat other people, and how other people treat them? Apparently, unless it’s positive, many parents […]

In the past several decades, parenting approaches have shifted. We’ve gone from ‘children are to be seen and not heard” to ‘children are the center of the universe!’  The fact that Millennials (those born between 1980-2001) are referred to as the “Entitlement Generation” and “trophy kids” raised by “helicopter parents” pretty much says it all.   […]

The cycle of bullying is a developmental process; it begins with what we are teaching and modeling at home. For many kids,  disrespectful behaviors tolerated at home are likely to be perpetuated at school.  Therefore, the foundation for potential bullying is  set very early in childhood.  Kindergartners are still developmentally incapable of premeditating bullying/bully with […]

Social Diet-Flyer and Registration Form

Socially at-risk kids share common characteristics from an early age, which tend to become apparent around kindergarten – when kids are really starting to be put into social situations with peers. Characteristics of socially-at risk kids tend to fall under the umbrella of social awkwardness, and include qualities such as being shy, quirky, different, unathletic, […]

For over ten years, Nathaniel Kendrick, a retired man from Dallas, Texas, has been a volunteer crosswalk guard for Lakewood Elementary School. He dedicates himself to ensuring the safety of these kids for hours at a time, twice a day during the week. To the kids, he is known as “Mr. Kent,” and they adore […]

In celebration of the end of a year, we look back at a beginning. Seven years ago, the idea behind Connect Us began to take shape: my son, Alec, was finishing his first year of public school kindergarten, and he was unhappy, withdrawn, and friendless. It was devastating to watch him walk the perimeter of […]