Recently a parent brought these snippets to our attention. They really speak to the work we do at Connect Us. A Child’s Popularity May Depend on Understanding Others. A new report claims that children who are tuned-in to what others want, think, and feel are more popular in school than those who aren’t as good […]

We are so excited for Summer Camp 2015, which begins on June 22nd! The program consists of three themed weeks of fun, during which we play games, do crafts, and work on our communication and collaboration skills. Whether we’re at camp, in groups, at home, or anywhere, really, there are some basic skills we try […]

For the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned through tutoring John, a 13-year-old with High Functioning Autism. Working with John has taught me that sometimes we just have to smile through our struggles, because when things are beyond our control, there’s no point to getting so stressed out. He’s […]

Last week, I started talking about my experience tutoring John, a boy with High Functioning Autism. I explained how  I sometimes struggle to motivate him. This has taught me to meet challenges with a smile, because sometimes that’s all we can do. Essentially, getting all worked up doesn’t help the situation. Working with John has […]

Hi! My name is Stephanie P., and I’m in my final semester at CU Denver.  In 33 days, I’ll be graduating with a B.S. in Psychology. Stephanie Schiff and I collaborate on a lot of these blogs, and I also assist with some of our after-school groups. In November 2014, Stephanie interviewed me for an […]

Research shows that two-thirds of human communication is nonverbal.   In a group situation, the way someone communicates non-verbally can greatly influence the behavior of others. To make this point, here are a few anecdotes from our after-school social groups: Early in the session, two of the oldest boys in a group rebelled against our structure […]

As many parents can attest to, sometimes getting kids to listen to us or consider our advice is an exercise in futility! As a former child yourself, you may recall thinking something along the lines of: “Whatever! My parents don’t understand! They’re too old to get it!” If you’re experiencing that sort of resistance from your […]

Motivating our kids can be a struggle! We know best, and we want to get our kids to care about certain things for the good of their futures. Despite our efforts, it sometimes seems impossible to mold their priorities. After a certain point, our attempts at motivation may even backfire, resulting in a push-pull dynamic. […]

Flexibility is of the most valuable skills you can teach your kids. What do we mean by flexibility? The first definition, according to, is, “capable of being bent, usually without breaking,” and the second is “…adaptable.” While “adaptable,” is a great synonym, the “without breaking” part of the first definition serves a purpose as […]

It almost seems as if social development and gossiping/spreading rumors go hand in hand. Why do people do it? Is it to establish some sort of social dominance over the person you are gossiping about? Is it a way to get attention and boost self-esteem? Is it an attempt to strengthen the relationship between you […]