Scrip Program

Connect Us Partners with King Soopers for Scrip Fundraising:

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Why purchase a card?

Everyone needs groceries, so why not let a percentage of your grocery bill benefit Connect Us? The Scrip program is an easy way for you to support our nonprofit organization – at no cost to you! Purchase a gift card from Connect Us once and continue to use it by reloading it in-store. Gift cards may be used toward virtually anything at King Soopers, except services.

Please contact for more information and to sign up or
click here now to purchase your gift card(s)

King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program Details

How to get started:

  • Contact Programs Coordinator at 303-773-3960 or to purchase a reusable King Soopers gift card
  • Start using your King Soopers gift card on all of your regular purchases
  • Reload your gift card in store as needed, do not throw it away!

What can the gift cards be used to purchase?

  • Virtually anything at King Soopers and City Market Fuel Centers except services
  • Cannot be used on Western Union, money orders, Tickets West, Postage Stamps, Lottery Tickets, and other gift cards
  • King Soopers gift cards are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores throughout the U.S.

How to reload your gift card:

  • King Soopers makes it convenient for our supporters to reload the gift cards
  • Gift cards may be reloaded at the register or Customer Service Desk for any amount up to $500
  • Reload your gift at the register you are checking out at for immediate use. When a card is reloaded at the customer service desk or a register other than where your groceries are scanned, there is a five-minute delay before the funds will be available
  • The gift card must be reloaded in a separate transaction prior to you groceries being scanned

What if a card is lost?

  • Just as gift cards sold at King Soopers stores, we are not responsible for the card value if a card is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed
  • A new card will need to be purchased from Connect Us in order for Connect Us to receive credit
  • The fundraising gift cards cannot be purchased at the stores

***Important Notes:

  • Cards with a zero balance for 90 days will become inactive—a new card will need to be purchased from Connect Us
  • Occasionally a card is demagnetized and cannot be reloaded. If this happens please purchase a new card from Connect Us

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